Make Better Use of Children's Summer Time


Beating the Summer Slump

Creating a summer schedule might not seem like any more fun for you than it does for your child, but rest assured, you’ll both have no trouble adapting. Some children can experience a loss of cognitive ability during summer break, according to some studies. By encouraging mental stimulation throughout the summer, parents can help children maintain math, reading, and spelling skills. A schedule will keep your child’s new freedom from becoming aimless and wasteful, and will actually help make better use of their time. If you’re met with any resistance, tell your child a well-planned schedule means it’s easier to pack more fun activities into their day.


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If you’re not sure how to get started, it’s best to list out any summertime activities. This can include anything from reading books and playing sports to chores and educational activities. Include any and all activities your kid may partake in on a daily basis, and try to draft a schedule based on what you come up with. Your schedule will want to map out wake up and bedtimes, meal times, and all the activities in between. If a schedule isn’t working out – that’s fine! It’s yours to tweak and customize as you please. Eventually, you and your child will fall into a summertime schedule that works – as long as you stick with it! And if you’re stuck on activity ideas, we have a few suggestions:



Read with your children every day! Even just twenty minutes of reading is great. Libraries often offer summertime reading programs and incentives, so check with your local library to see what they’ve got going on. Scholastic suggests reading every day, aiming for six books read over the course of the summer for older children, and reading aloud for all ages.


Practice Handwriting

At Sunny Day Academy, we use Handwriting without Tears as part of our handwriting program from Preschool and older students at Sunny Day Academy. Here’s the advice from Handwriting without Tears, and ways you can implement these activities at home to keep your child’s handwriting skills sharp this summer.


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Visit the Park, Zoo, or Museum

Try a family summer field trip! Take your little ones to your local park for a day in the sun (pack a picnic if you wish!). A trip to the zoo is a great way to enjoy the nice weather while learning about a variety of animals, and the museum is a way to stay cool indoors on a sweltering day while also being educational.


Play Some Games

Playing board games or card games (like Go Fish or matching games) will help keep your kids’ minds sharp while also being fun for the whole family.


Enroll in Summer Camp

Summer camp is a great way to keep your kids busy, while also giving Mom and Dad a break! Summer camps give children an opportunity to spend their time and energy outdoors, learning new skills and making new friendships.

Enroll your child in Sunny Day Academy’s Summer Explorations Program! We offer young explorers and school-agers consistency with a similar schedule of the school year while combining fun and exploration that only the summer can bring! Kids will explore summer themes, use creative labs, make new friends, and gain new knowledge while strengthening skills they’ve already learned throughout the year. During this very special program, kids will be having so much fun it won’t even feel like they are learning! Visit our website for more information.