Keep Your Children Safe in the Sun All Summer Long

Keep Your Children Safe in the Sun All Summer Long

The most wonderful time of the year has finally arrived. No, we’re not referring to THAT wonderful time of the year, where sleigh bells are ringing and where Jack Frost is nipping at your nose. We’re actually talking about the complete OPPOSITE time of year, especially in regards to the weather. That’s right, those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer have finally arrived.

This is truly the season that countless children dream of; the time has come for them to spend hours in the great outdoors, enjoying the days of prolonged sunshine with family and friends. This is the season where school is out, and the calendar is not filled with nights of homework, but with days spent on leisurely bike rides and trips to an ice cream parlor.


While there’s no denying that summer is an enjoyable time of year where children enjoy an immense sense of freedom, that doesn’t mean that they are immune from harm in the heat and sunshine. Practicing good hydration and knowing the rules of safe sun exposure is an essential lesson every child must learn and faithfully practice during this time of year.


Here are our favorite tips for your children to stay happy, healthy, and hydrated all summer long:


Never Leave Home Without Sunscreen

Younger children should wear a sunscreen above SPF 30. Make sure that it is applied at least 30 minutes before embarking on their outdoor activities. Also, remember that one application isn’t enough; sunscreen should be applied throughout the day, at least every few hours, for maximum protection.


Dress Properly

Choose clothes that allow your child to stay covered without risk of overheating. Also remember that lighter colored clothes will be safer for your child than wearing black or brown outdoors, for example.



Know Good Hydration Practices

To keep the body hydrated, 9-12 cups of water per day is recommended for children during the summer months. The more active you are, and the warmer the weather, this intake will need to increase. It’s also crucial that hydration occurs with the correct liquids. While water is, of course, one of the best fluid choices, your children can also enjoy milk, juice, and even broths to stay hydrated.


The joys of the summer season, particularly when you are a child, can never be fully explained. There’s time in the sunshine, and there are excursions and vacations to enjoy with family and friends. What’s not to like? But, just as with everything in life, safety must always be a top priority in everything we do. Practicing best practices for hydration and sun exposure all summer long is the best way to enjoy this time of year without harmful consequences.


For more information on what you and your children can be doing to stay safe and hydrated this summer, talk to our team at Sunny Day Academy and give us a call at 614-718-1717 today.