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Learn a few tips to help potty train your kids.

Surefire Tips to Potty Train your Toddler

When it comes to potty training your kids, there are many different tips and tricks to make the process easier on both you, and your children. Below you’ll find a few tips to help you out when the time comes to start potty training with your kids.

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1. Stick to a Routine: if you’re toying with the idea to start toilet training, make sure you stick to a routine. Consistency is key, so you may want to block out a weekend where you can start potty training by putting your child on the toilet every 20 minutes. If your child goes to daycare everyday, make sure that the training you’re doing at home is consistent there as well.


2. Get them Excited: one great tip to help get your child excited about the idea of toilet training is to go to the store and have them pick out new underwear. This makes them feel excited to get new “special” underwear to use while toilet training. Learning how to use the bathroom can be intimidating, so encouraging independence can make it all seem less scary.


3. Reward them: some kids can seem unmotivated to use the bathroom, and others find it scary. While both can be problematic, they can also be helped along with rewards when they successfully use the bathroom. These don’t have to be big rewards. We use stickers or stamps at school, and that is something parents could use at home too. Keep a sticker chart in the bathroom at home, and when your child goes to the potty, allow them to place their sticker on the chart. This will give them a feeling of accomplishment and independence by choosing the sticker and placing it on the chart.


4. Keep the Praise Consistent with Your Parenting Style: while rewarding your kids to use the bathroom can be effective, remember to keep it simple to the rest of your parenting style. If you don’t reward your kids with treats in other aspects of their lives, try a different type of reward. Spend some extra time with them reading their favorite book, or take them to the park and spend and extra hour playing with them.


5. Timing is Everything: perhaps the most important part of toilet training is waiting for the right time. No child is going to go to high school wearing diapers, so knowing when your child is ready to start using the bathroom is important. Keep an extra eye and ear out for signs that show they’re ready, such as showing more interest in the bathroom, or telling you they have to go.

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The dedicated teachers at Sunny Day Academy know how hard it can be to potty train, so if you’re looking for more tips to help you along, please feel free to contact us at any one of our four locations.