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Kendra Clark
Regional Director

Hello! My name is Kendra Clark and I began as an infant teacher at SDA-Dublin in September of 2012. I was promoted to Assistant Director of the Dublin location in October of 2013 and then promoted again to Director of the Dublin location in September of 2014. I was most recently promoted to Co-Regional Director in August of 2019. I have a passion for children and leadership as well, so what better profession to have?! I currently have a Child Development Associate and many hours of child development and management training. My goal is to learn something new each day and the children often help me fulfill that goal. In September of 2013, I married my best friend and now husband, Chuck. We currently live in a very small town, Woodstock, located in Champaign County.  We have two beautiful children, Ella and Charlie, one cat, Demo, a rottweiler, Impala, and a golden retriever, Chevy. Our son, Charlie, currently attends SDA Dublin and daughter, Ella, attends grade school in our local school system. I have been a volunteer firefighter and EMT-Basic since 2009. I love helping others in any way possible. In addition, I am also a Girl Scout Troop Leader of my daughters Girl Scout Troop 2053. In my free time I enjoy camping, riding our Harley Davidson with my husband, exploring the outdoors, spending time and laughing with family and friends, and especially pranking those who are close to me.

I look forward to creating memories with the children I meet and making a positive impact on all those who I have the pleasure of meeting.